Make Sleep Your Sanctuary

We live in an ambitious world. Modern humans work more than our ancestors ever did before us, and yes that includes the agricultural revolution too. We are insatiable and we’re constantly on the prowl to know more, experience more, growth more and just live more. Sleep though? That doesn’t make it to our never ending to do list even though all of the science we’ve gathered about the human body screams the importance of it for just basic survival, not even a healthy optimal lifestyle. We racked our brains to think of a few ways to make sleep seem more appealing and exciting, so when it’s bed time, you actually look forward to it.

Do a Vibe Check

Before you go to sleep, you need to ask yourself if you’re in the right mindset to go to sleep or are you going to spend the next two hours on your phone scrolling through Instagram? This a no brainer, but we have to say it again because we all know none of us are really doing it – put your phone asway! Turn off your notifications and switch off from the outside world a few moments before you go to bed. Allow yourself to look inwards and return to yourself. What also helps is turn the bright lights off and sitting in a soft and warmly lit space instead. Maybe put on a scented candle that’ll help calm and slow your mind, it’s been racing all day with way too many thoughts. Here’s one you probably hadn’t thought about but has a huge affect on your mood – the colour of your room! We won’t bore you with colour theory, but lighter, cool toned colours have been shown to have a significant reduction in stress and agitation. Time for a fresh coat of paint? Or perhaps you fancy some new wallpaper.

Decor that Does it All

Have you put thought into every single element in your bedroom to make sure that it best suits your needs? Is your decor doing the absolute most that it can to help you get the best sleep of your life, every single night? If the answer to those questions isn’t a 100% yes and yes, then you’ve got some redecorating to do. Let’s begin with your bed, is your mattress inviting enough? Does it support your back and keep you from sweating or shivering at night? What about those sheets? When was the last time you treated yourself to a new set? Go on, swap those scratchy stained sheets for some soft and skin loving bedlinen. Maybe also throw in some extra hard working cushions and pillows to keep you cosy at night and making your bed look prime and proper during the day. If you want to go all out, you can even pick out a headboard for your bed that makes it even more personal and intimate to you.

Are your curtains doing what you need them to do? There’s nothing worse than being woken up too early by unwanted sunlight on weekends when you desperately need to sleep in. Or you could be an early riser who loves being gently coaxed awake by the first rays of the day. We encourage you to go one step further and think about your feet too (pun intended). Why not treat them to a bit of luxe and love too? Roll out the fluffiest and softest carpet you can find and tell us if your feet don’t happily lead you to bed.

We know that bedroom decor and the perfect set up to make sleep you sanctuary is an incredibly personal and intimate affair, which is why we’re always available for a consultation on our WhatsApp number. Don’t be shy to reach out!

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