Choosing between Blinds and Curtains

Now while there isn’t one universal truth about whether curtains are better than blinds or blinds are better than curtains, the verdict will heavily depend on what your preferences and needs are. Both curtains and blinds have their pros and cons, but the good news is that one makes up for what the other lacks.

Curtains Over Blinds

Curtains have always been the traditional choice for window treatments. They make a stunning and plush addition to meticulously designed interiors. Simply the variety they come in is one of their biggest advantages – you can carefully select their thickness, texture, colour, print, how heavy or light they are, even their shape and how you want to drape them and curate these features to your exact needs. Blinds on the other hand don’t usually have such a large variety or customisability. There are a few types of blinds like that aren’t particularly good at blocking out all of the light as some of it spills in through the sides, so they might be a tricker option for the bedroom for example.

Curtains add a stunning look to the interiors.

Blinds Over Curtains

There’s been quite an improvement in blinds technology and design over the last couple decades and we’re starting to see more and more people opt for these in their office spaces and even homes. Blinds for example are a much preferred option for windows in rooms that have high humidity and moisture like your bathroom and kitchen because curtains fabrics can grow mouldy in such conditions. They’re also a better option for people who want a more minimal design as they tend to not take us as much space as curtains and are also less distracting or attention grabbing. Blinds also come in an impressive array of styles and materials to choose from that you wouldn’t get with curtains like wooden blinds, bamboo blinds or roller blinds and Venetian blinds. You can even get Roman style blinds that are made with fabric that you can customise to fit the interiors of your space. You know what else blinds can do that curtains can’t? Control the exact amount of light you want to let in! You can tilt Venetian blinds at an angle to let in just a little bit of light or roll up roller blinds to reveal just the bottom half of the window. And if you choose to roll it up all the way, you have visual access to the entire window that heavier curtains can sometimes obstruct.

Blinds for minimal interiors.

More often than not a combination of curtains and blinds in different rooms and spaces will be the right choice. If you’re looking for professional expertise to advice you on what’s best for your space, you can reach out to us on our WhatsApp to book a consultation.

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