A Rug For Every Room

Indians tend to forgo incorporating rugs and carpets into our homes. Here’s a look at what we’re missing out on and how to enhance the feel of your home with a rug for every room.

Treat your Feet to Faux Fur

Faux fur rugs and mats make for the most luxurious and inviting surfaces for your feet. These are a special and smart addition to your bedroom, right next to your bed. Not only do they give the room a cozier and comfier feel, but can you imagine the how much easier getting out of bed in the early morning will be when you know that the first thing your feet touch is a dreamy fluffy cloudy instead of the cold hard floor that’s usually waiting for you? We can’t guarantee you’ll get much further than the rug though.

Faux fur rugs and mats are most luxurious

Carpeted Floors are Comfortable Floors

Whether it’s your child’s play area or the family living room, carpeted floors create spaces that feel more enjoyable and fluid. Sharing experiences sat on the floor together somehow just make them more intimate and special. Cuddled up with cushions and a throw, watching a film in the late hours of the night or constructing a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle comfortably on the floor with your children. Planning a big dinner party and dining table can’t seat everyone? Move it to the floor! Hard to believe how a carpet can make your cherished memories just that little bit more special and endearing, isn’t it?

Child’s play area or the family living room, carpeted floors create spaces

Rugs that will Floor Your Guests

Rugs and carpets are an incredibly versatile way of customizing and elevating the look of your home. Incorporating different textures, patterns and colors in your spaces make them look and feel more luxurious, thought out and remarkable. Something as small as a woven mat in your foyer or a floral print runner in your corridors or a custom carpet made to match your living room décor will give your home a welcoming warmth and leave your guests in awe. (Make sure you send them our way when they ask you who did your interiors)

Comfortable rugs that your guests will envy

They’re comfortable, they’re colorful and they’re customizable. What’s not to like? Reach out to us on our WhatsApp https://wa.me/message/PLZMIMW6BDGOL1 to book a consultation so we can help you pick out the best carpets and rugs for your home.

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