3 More Creative and Cost Effective Home Décor Ideas

Check out our previous blog (blog here) on revamping your home on a budget if you haven’t already!We firmly believe that there’s no such thing as decorating too often (especially on a budget), so we’ve thought of a few more fun ways to freshen up your home interiors.

Draw those Curtains

If you’ve been treating curtains like an afterthought when planning out your home décor, you’re doing it very wrong. Curtain fabric and texture, curtain design and length can make or break the look of your space. There’s so much that you can do with curtains to achieve and elevate the feel you’re trying to create. Layering light curtains with blind curtains is a versatile way of changing the atmosphere of the room as you move from day to night. You can use prints to draw attention to the windows and to add complexity or switch out your fitted curtains for long ones that lengthen the look of your ceiling. Experiment with different fabrics and textures, explore how they interact and match with the textures of furniture you already own to give your space a more cohesive feel. It’s impressive how changing just one element can have such a drastic effect!

Create a perfect space with dramatic curtains.

Bring the Outside Inside

Why is it that the ability to keep plants alive feels almost at the same level of adult if not higher than doing your own taxes? Well, here’s your chance to learn! It’s not like you have any Friday night plans. Adding some life and greenery to your home can make the space feel a lot more relaxing and soothing. You can start at the very bottom with succulents that require the bare minimum and work your way up to expert level with Bonsais that are no less effort than raising a human child. Plants can take your home to the next level by adding another dimension to your décor at a fairly low cost.

Add some greens for more relaxing and soothing atmosphere.

Let’s Not Forget About Wallpaper

It would be an understatement to say that wall real estate potential is underestimated. Think about it, every room has four, at least, and they’re usually left bland and bare. Adding wallpaper or wallcoverings to those otherwise overlooked spaces can act as a lovely backdrop to your home. You can choose a minimal print to compliment your décor or go all out and pick an intricate and luxurious design that becomes the statement piece of your room. Take a walk around your home and take note of all the ways that you haven’t made the best of what’s available.

Let your wall do the talking!

These are just a few examples to get your creative juices flowing but the possibilities are endless! If you’re looking for more ways to improve your home or for expert advice, feel free to reach out to us on WhatsApp https://wa.me/message/PLZMIMW6BDGOL1 to book a consultation with us!

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